Mission statement

Who we are

Ban Ying e.V. is a specialised counseling center which works to combat human trafficking.

As one of the oldest women’s projects working in this area in Berlin, we campaign for the rights of migrant women who have experienced violence, exploitation or human trafficking.

Our values

  • No one is illegal

  • Every person has a right to migrate

  • Every person must have access to justice, regardless of their official papers

  • Human rights are at the heart of our work

  • We take an anti-racist, non-discriminatory and gender-sensitive approach

  • We campaign for equal access to social resources, regardless of a person’s background

  • We are non-confessional    

Who we work for

The aim of our work is to improve the living conditions and social and legal situation of migrant women in Germany. In order to achieve this, our work does not just focus upon migrant women affected by violence, but also upon their environment and the wider public sphere.

Ban Ying e.V. offers advice and counseling services to migrant women and transgender individuals in Berlin and other parts of Germany. In exceptional circumstances, we can also offer our services to migrant men.

Our work focusses upon:

  • People affected by human trafficking
  • Migrant women from South-East Asia who have experienced violence during the migration process, marital difficulties, or who have a questionable residency status
  • Domestic workers of diplomats


How we work

Our advice and counseling services are free of charge. We provide language mediation when required.

We provide migrant women with advice and counseling regardless of their residency status and, if requested, anonymously.

Our public relations work is based on the protection of our clients’ identity and interests.